Products By Jack | JACK's Rigid Testing Process
This blog explains how we tested Knob Polish and what we were looking for when creating the perfect personal lubricant.
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JACK’s Rigid Testing Process

JACK’s Rigid Testing Process

It’s gotta be gold.

We hope you didn’t assume that Knob Polish was just for dudes and their little man 😜 We wanted Knob Polish to be for everyone! So righteously, we had to test it in all categories! The lube prevailed through lots of straight love, gay love, lesbian love, and self-love. Alright, a lot of self-love. (especially from yours truly 😘) It didn’t matter who tested Knob Polish, they all reported excellent experiences.

We had to make sure our CBD was testing at a precise dosage so we sent it out to the awesome team at NV Cann labs and they approved our lube! In our private tests, we had to make sure that the lube lasted. It also had to feel good. Our diverse team of highly sexualized office mates unanimously confirmed that it was great lube, but that wasn’t enough for us! So we gave our lube to some cam-models and they loved it too!

The advantage needs to be incredible.

We didn’t want our lube couldn’t leave any nasty residue and it didn’t! It also didn’t stain anything! Most of all we had to make sure that it accomplished its primary duty. Help relax and relieve pain from intercourse. We passed that with flying colors in every category 💪🏼

When you buy Knob Polish from JACK you can be assured that it will work for you. Whether you’re planning on using it with a partner, Palmela Handerson, toys, or all the above, Knob Polish will elevate your sensual experience. Don’t just read about it, experience it for yourself now.

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