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CBD-Infused Knob Polish Featured On

“For years, cannabis and sex seem to suffer compatibility issues. Dudes had long heard marijuana was a bonerkill, and mouths weren’t the only thing women feared would dry up after a toke. But as weed’s decriminalization began to spread among the states, more studies on the plant’s effect on intimacy rolled out—many in the last year alone. Now, a simple Google search tells us that when combined strategically, cannabis can actually enhance sex.”

I Tried CBD Sex Lube To Spice Up My Love Life

I tried CBD lube to spice up my love life. Does it live up to the hype? The spirit of discovery almost threw my shoulder out raising my hand to volunteer to test a bottle of Knob Polish by Jack, a CBD sex lube.

Shake things up in the bedroom with this CBD lubricant 😉 with Jack

Did you know that around 30% of women experience pain during intercourse? – We’re sure that number is even greater during backdoor fun 👀 – CBD helps relieve pain, anxiety, and nervousness, and is one of the world’s most powerful anti-inflammatories!

Knob Polish Named Lube Sponsor for ‘World’s Biggest’ Orgy

Founder Krista Whitley said: “The Jack brand is proud to support the attempt to achieve the world’s largest orgy, in the city where our corporate headquarters are based. I consider it an honor that Knob Polish was chosen by such a passionate community, and it is our pleasure to assist in their pleasure.”

5 Reasons CBD-Infused Lube Will Elevate Your Sex Life

“Newsflash: High sex is better. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to get lifted before you hit the bedroom. CBD-infused lube is the perfect product if you don’t love getting high but you love having great pseudo stoner sex. With tons of products on the market, and even a burgeoning men’s focused line of products from companies like JACK, we have a handy little primer on the (almost) miraculous world of weed lube.”

Adult Video Network features Knob Polish as its first CBD infused lubricant!

Knob Polish is a CBD-infused, water-based personal lubricant. It’s the first in a planned line of CBD topicals from JACK.

“Knob Polish is not designed to help increase your size, or make orgasms bigger,” explained Krista Whitley of JACK.”

Is CBD Lube the Future of Sex Products?

A new collection of men’s lubricant called Jack, from cannabis startup Altitude Products, just announced its release of the first cannabidiol (CBD) lube on the market. With its tongue-in-cheek branding, the line’s first product is called “Knob Polish” and uses CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant to elevate its users’ intimate experience with therapeutic properties.