Products By Jack | WHO THE HELL IS JACK?
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Who is JACK? You are JACK. He is JACK. They are JACK. We are JACK. JACK is a lifestyle brand that stands for everyone: men, women, non-binary and everyone in between. It doesn’t matter who you are, our lube works f***ing great.

JACK was started in early 2018 by a top team of cannabis professionals who decided that highjacking could be a positive thing. (And yes, we’re highjacking the term “highjacking”. Take that, terrorists. 🇺🇸) We believe sexy-time is fun-time. Don’t you want the best time possible?

JACK is a stand-up guy. We only use pure, ultra-premium ingredients. Our first product, Knob Polish, is the best damn lube you’ll ever use.

You could buy boring lubricant at your closest c-store, but you’re JACK. JACK doesn’t want boring lube, JACK wants the most out of this life. This water-based personal lubricant lasts and is infused with precise doses of botanical hemp oil.

Botanical hemp oil is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp. This amazing cannabinoid has medical benefits that help you relax while reducing inflammation. Our product is made from full spectrum hemp oil extracted from industrial hemp. This fully legal product is available to ship nationwide.

We tested Knob Polish in the Nevada desert and it overcame every trial again and again. If you’re caught in a tight situation, JACK will slide you right through it.

JACK wants to represent your interests and make you feel good af. Whoever you are, JACK wants to serve you. Your personal time is precious, JACK doesn’t want you to waste it.

Make It Last With JACK.

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