Products By Jack | WHY CBD LUBE?
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Elevate Your Sex Life

The primary purpose of Knob Polish is very simple. To elevate your sex life. We made a CBD-infused lube to help you have better sex. Our lube comes with no gimmicks. JACK is here to bring back the fun in advertising sex-biz. We’re tired of these lame competitors sheepishly selling lubricants and massagers. If you’re going to sell lube, sell it! Don’t hide its purpose! Our purpose for creating Knob Polish is clear and concise. We want you to have pain-free sex for a long freaking time! That’s why we made Knob Polish. Put it on your 🍆, 🍌, 🚀, 🛎 and more! We can’t guarantee that Knob Polish will make YOU last longer, but it will last!




Outlast Yourself (or your dorky boyfriend)

We intended for it to last longer than you! Keep practicing with it and hopefully one day you’ll outlast our lube! We also intended for Knob Polish to work for all sexual pleasures. We can assure you that Knob Polish is safe for your vagina, anus, penis, hand, and all toys. Our lubricant is water-based giving it the broadest range of possibilities. You can use it with any toy and it won’t break it down. You can also use it on the inside and outside of condoms! It won’t break-down latex or silicone. This will give both you a much more natural feeling and you won’t have to worry any damage to your protection!




The 3 Checks

With Knob Polish there’s no need to race for the finish. The lubricant will make intercourse easier and the formulation will help your body and muscles relax so you can go harder longer ✅ pain-free longer ✅ and enjoy longer ✅. Take your time and enjoy the journey. The lube will last, can you?




Click here to Elevate Your Sex Life and Make It Last With JACK™