Products By Jack | Why Make A CBD Infused Lubricant?
JACK explains why we made a lubricant infused with cannabidiol aka CBD. Our lubricant is as fun as it is functional. Elevate your sex life and Make It Last With JACK.
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Why Make A CBD Infused Lubricant?

Why Make A CBD Infused Lubricant?

It’s not for s**** and gigs!

Our killer lube is infused with CBD for a reason. Did you know that around 30% of women experience pain during intercourse? – We’re sure that number is even greater during backdoor fun 👀 – CBD helps relieve pain, anxiety, and nervousness, and is one of the world’s most powerful anti-inflammatories! If you’ve ever had good CBD you know about its amazing relaxation effect. Somehow, we amazingly realized that all these benefits would be great in a lube! 💦

People needed help!

We kept researching and finding more and more information about how intercourse pain is destroying people’s sex lives. When discussing our project with our friends, we realized that the 30% statistic might be higher than previously thought! At this point, we decided that we needed to create something new and better than the rest. After much trial & error & sexy-time, we came up with the final formulation of JACK’s first product Knob Polish.

Our friends that typically strayed away from penetration turned into rabbits. Our friends that couldn’t fornicate for long periods of time reported going harder longer. When your prude friend becomes a pervert, you know your lube is great. 👊🏼

We want to elevate your sex life!

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Change our mind. And if you actually believe otherwise you are probably within JACK’s tip-top-primary target market. We want everyone to enjoy sex just as much as us, and that can’t happen if one party member is uncomfortable. We made a Cannabidiol (CBD) infused personal lubricant for everyone; it works with all toys, performs great in the vagina and anus, and won’t stain the sheets or make you fail a drug test. Once you go JACK, you never go back, try Knob Polish for yourself today!

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